2023/24 Season Subscriptions

£15 OFF FOR NEW ADULT MEMBERS JOINING IN 2024/25 SEASON (April 24 to March 25)

New Members fees

  • £50 Adult
  • £30 Youth (aged 16-21)
  • £20 Junior (under 16)

pro rata allowances will be made for players joining later in the tennis year

Current Members Subscriptions: 

These are payable in April for full 12 months membership and give you 2 club sessions weekly, available year round

  • £65 ADULT
  • £40 Youth (aged 16-21)
  • £30 Junior (under 16) This category is also available for students away at Uni for part of the year to allow them to play when back in the local area.
  • All ages as at 1st January.
  • Visitor fees are £5 per club session with a maximum of 5 visits during the Summer Season April to September

Winter part membership for players just playing Floodlit League is set at £20 with usual match fees also payable